The Typical Short Term Mission Trip Itinerary

Our Floating Hotel

Our Floating Hotel

Leave home on a morning flight and fly all day, using the opportunity to get to know our teammates better.
Arrive in Brazil at 4:00 a.m. local time. We are picked up at the airport by a PAZ missionary and taken to the boat. The balance of the daytime is spent resting, eating, talking, and traveling to the jobsite.
We start to work on the church with the help of the river pastors, their local congregation, and some of the permanent missionaries that have accompanied us. At night we will participate in whatever cell groups are going on and generally take whatever opportunities we have to get to know our Brazilian brothers and sisters. We will sleep and eat most of our meals on the mission boat “Yeshua”.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:
We will be at work from 7:00 a.m. until noon. At noon we will have a leisurely lunch. In Brazil, the midday meal is the biggest one of the day. It is a time to eat, rest and talk. After lunch we resume work until around 6:00 p.m. Our nights will be the same as Monday except that sometime during the week we will hopefully start to use our new, partially completed church!NOTE: Please keep in mind it is our firm desire to complete the whole church within the time allotted. Much of our success will be dependent upon your team’s dedication and effort. But sometimes things may go wrong unexpectedly, so stay flexible in your heart and your mind and things will go well regardless of circumstances. Always remember we are there to give of ourselves in every possible way so that we may be blessed by our God and be a blessing to others.

Our time is somewhat flexible depending on how much, if any, work needs to be finished on the church and how much time it will take us to get back to the point of departure. When we have to, we will say our heartfelt good-byes to our new friends, take our last pictures, and head back up the river.
Saturday and thereafter (two options):
Option One
Saturday: We are back on the plane headed back home.Sunday: We arrive home.

Option Two
Saturday (and some days thereafter): For up to about five days after the building has been completed, we may travel on the Amazon River waterways to visit other congregations, both those with established churches and those still praying for their church building. We will endeavor to make contact with those who have not yet come to know Jesus. Sometimes we will participate in home or church celebrations or medical clinics where prayer is just as important as the medicine. This second week is designed to build the church spiritually, just as the first week built the church physically. It is not a “cruise”, it is missions. We are likely to be deep “in country” where your attitude of servanthood must be evident. So far, no one has had to endure what Apostle Paul did on his mission trips, but pre-reading the book of Acts is helpful to your outlook.

Every day thereafter your life will be different. You will have a greater sense of the Kingdom of God and your part in it. You will always remember your new Brazilian friends who will never forget you. Half a world away, in a little village that will always seem like home, the saints will be worshiping every Sunday, lifting their hearts to God in a church you built.