Projected Costs Of An A.R.C. Building Project

           Subject to currency fluctuations

For the individual

Assuming a valid passport, acquiring a visa for entrance to Brazil is approximately $200 with all services and overnight mailings included. See for helpful information and current costs.

Project Amazon currently charges $500.00 for room, board and transportation per person, per trip. This money should be in the mail a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

Airline tickets will vary based upon availability and point of departure, i.e. departure from New York city is cheaper than from Rochester. General cost should be expected to be between $1,300 and $1,500. Prices will also increase if booked during special vacation periods, i.e. Easter vacation in the U.S. or carnival in Brazil. The general rule is the sooner the tickets are purchased the better the rate. Also all tickets should be purchased at the same time to insure that all travelers are on the same planes all the way there and back.

Please keep in mind that Steve Butcher Sr will assist in all facets of the process including arrangements with the travel agent as requested.

For the sponsoring church

For all Brazilian labor and materials, the cost is $25,000. One half of these funds must, in most circumstances, be deposited with Project Amazon a minimum of six months in advance. The remaining one half must be deposited with Project Amazon a minimum of three months in advance in order to have all materials on site for the team.