I know that many of you were interested to know about Pastor Mkisi from Malawi that called me in the USA and was to meet up with us for a day in Uganda this last February. Well the Lord was not allowing that plan, instead Pastor Mkisi is coming to our home for a week this June. So Uganda or Malawi? Maybe both, only the Lord knows. Right now we are just going…going to a land that He will show us.      Stay tuned.

Africa is on the phone!

Many of you know that this past summer I came to the revelation that while it is true that I, like you, have Jesus alive in me. I was not taking seriously the responsibility of carrying the Son of God around with me. I started to think about where would Jesus choose to walk on this planet if he were occupying an earthly body as he did some 2,000 years ago. I was filled with regret and repentance for not always taking it seriously that I was dragging him along through whatever and wherever, without asking him. And so, in tears, I said, “I am so sorry, what would you have me do?” All I heard was, “GO TO AFRICA.”

Monday one of my staff came into my office and said, “Steve a bishop from Africa is on the phone.” Apparently Bishop Mkisi from Malawi had been told by the Holy Spirit to look toward the Amazon, of all places for an African Bishop to look. When he did, he found A.R.C. and me. Bishop Mkisi assures me that we are ordained by God to work together building churches in Africa. Plans are that we are to meet up in Uganda in February 2011 where Dianna and I were already planning to be. –Stay tuned…

Bosque is Built!

The great Greece Assembly team just finished the largest A.R.C. church building built to date [23 meters-about 76 feet]. This building was just a little more complete than past versions [inside walls were painted] and was built in very a very short time [4 1/2 days].  The church was built at “Bosque” which is the Moju River’s pastoral training center as well as the local church.

New and old areas of the Moju River and new and old friends were visited and prayed for.  The Brazilian saints at our next probable location, “New Jerusalem” received the team’s visit at their open air service with anticipation and enthusiasm. Especially when team member, Sean promised, “If you keep praising God like this, then we will keep building you churches!” Obviously we and they, expect Sean to return to the Moju River sometime soon. Want to join him?

Newest trip is about to happen!

Just a few days left [10/30/10] until the Greece Assembly of God Church of Greece NY sends it’s brave 12 with Dianna and I off to the Moju River to build the 5th ARC church! The team is very anxious to get going. It will be our biggest church and I am very excited myself.

The Widow Eliana

When we went to Brazil in October 2007 to build our first building we visited the home of Eliana. Eliana and her husband had promised to donate our first Moju River church site.  Even though her husband had just been murdered she refused to take back the promised land. She has been “our” widow ever since. $2,000 has been donated by previous ARC team members for the support of Eliana and her three kids.  I will bring it to her on 10/31/10. I am so proud of the ARC teams and their continued generosity.