Please don’t rush to send us a donation. We would much prefer that you consider coming with us to Brazil! Please ask your pastor about forming a team.

Write to me or call me on the phone–let’s talk about how you can participate either by helping to form a team out of your own church or by supporting someone from your church who wants to go with A.R.C. to Brazil.

A.R.C. is all about the Kingdom, not about money. However, international missions are costly. So if there is just no way your church or you personally can be involved directly, you may be involved by contributing financialy to us. We will make sure that your contribution is used to either enhance a church building project or to purchase tools. Checks can be made payable to PAZ [the organization we serve in Brazil] and sent to 36 West Main Street, Suite 110, Rochester, New York 14614.

God bless you for your heart for the people of Brazil and for our Lord’s missionaries.