About Us

Steve Butcher, Sr. is a real estate attorney that has been practicing in the Rochester, New York area since 1981. He is the devoted husband of Dianna, the proud father of three and the doting grandfather of seven. 

In November of 2004 he was given the mandate by God our Father to spearhead what would become Amazon River Churches (A.R.C.). He now operates as the executive director of A.R.C.

In the summer of 2010 he received the call to “Africa” and now also operates as the President of Hesed International Missions [H.I.M.]

A.R.C. operates as a service organization to Project Amazon [PAZ] headquartered in Santarem, Brazil.

H.I.M. is currently unaffiliated with any other ministry but is working closely with the Elim Church of Uganda.