New Jerusalem!

New Jerusalem Church built January 2013 by our intrepid team from Kansas. It is done but this was a hard one. Because of airline schedules we started a day later than our usual Monday morning and we were up against a hard schedule of being done for our Saturday dedication celebration. Our usual Pastor/builder and our Brazilian mechanic had both left town on other assignments. Which left us with our new head pastor, Pastor Francinaldo who is a great friend and translator but a novice builder and me [Steve Butcher] who was born with two left thumbs, to show our Kansas brothers and sisters just how it is that you really can build a whole building in just five days. But we really CAN do all things through Christ that strengthens us! Thank you Kansas team. You were a model of enthusiasm, good humor and an unwavering dedication to the cause of Christ. Now that I think about it, there was no way we could have failed!
Brazil 2013 064

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