Pray for New Jerusalem Project!

In some ways this upcoming tip [1/13/13] will be a big challenge! Because our team comes from Kansas and New York we could not manage to all get there together on a Sunday as per usual. We ordinarily start building on a Monday A.M. and finish sometime on the following Friday. Then we have the big¬†inauguration¬†party on Saturday night with church congregations from up and down the river attending. It is so much fun! But the celebration must be on Saturday as the people can’t leave their own churches on a Sunday. Because of our late arrival we will not start construction until Tuesday but still must be done by Saturday for the party which eliminates one whole day. Saturday is a hard deadline leaving no room for bumps in the road. Also our trusted Brazilian, Edimilson will not be with us for the first time. I know God is adding these variations just to make it more interesting. He can not allow it to be too easy–where is the fun and growth in that? So I will say two things with equal fervor; “Thank you Lord for all of Your attention!” and to you, dear reader, “Please pray for us!”

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