Kansas goes to the Amazon!

All I know about Kansas I learned from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. God however knows and loves Kansas and the people in Pastor Philip’s Kansas church. I know this for sure because they have agreed to partner with us and build a church on the Moju River. And what are the chances that such a thing would happen without divine intervention? So perhaps our jetting to the Amazon Jungle to minister off of a river boat is not as spectacular as a “twister transport” to a place over the rainbow, but IĀ find it glorious none the less!

2 thoughts on “Kansas goes to the Amazon!

  1. I am looking forward to going and I am sure that there will be times that I will wonder what in the world am I doing here? But I believe the Lord has called us as a team to come and minister to these Brothers and Sisters in the Lord and am excited to see how the Lord will work and move not only in the lives there but in the team lives as well.

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