Called [?]

What if I don’t feel “called” to the mission field? Should I still go, or should I just wait to be really sure it is God’s will for my life? I mean it is not like trying out a different flavor of ice cream this would be a serious, life altering, hard to explain to my family and friends, event. Isn’t it just plain prudent to wait for an angel or a couple of prophets [everybody knows that you can’t trust just one prophet] to tell me when where and how. In fact isn’t it itself a “sign” that because there has been an absence of such”signs” in my life that I am safe in saying that I am one of those “not called” to go out there… somewhere.

I am reminded of a luncheon that my wife and I were invited to a few years back. The husband/host, we’ll call him Jack, told me when the subject of overseas missions came up [as it usually does when I am around] that he believed his “mission” was to his unsaved next door neighbor. “Great” I said, “How is that going?” “Well nothing yet.”Jack said. Jack went on to explain that he tried to speak with the man about Jesus as often as they saw each other, as in when they were both outside taking out the trash. This had been going on for ten years. Jack took it ill when I suggested that the neighbor’s salvation [or continuing lack thereof] however important, might not be the end of Jack’s mission as a Christian. I also suggested that it might be time to move on to other richer harvest fields. Unfortunately it was the last time I was ever invited to Jack’s house.

What if Jack had been actually present just before his Lord ascended into heaven. And actually heard in his own ears the words, “…and you [Jack] will be my witness [alternate translation is martyr] in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” or if he had heard, “Therefore [Jack] go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you [Jack]” would he have then felt “called” to be obedient to the command of his Savior to “Go”?

The question really is, for whom who were the words of Jesus written down? The apostles who were the immediate witnesses didn’t need to read what they heard and acted on, dying nearly to a man far away from their homes in obedience to the command of their master to “Go”. So, is the bible just a history of other men’s encounters with God or is it relevant to you? If you say that it is of course, relevant to you, then I caution you that Jesus also said that, “If you love me you, will do what I command” John 14:15

Therefore my conclusion is that if I love him I am compelled by his word to go into all the world. My love for him is my calling. His word is my command. How about you?

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