What is your bet?

Every day, every moment of every day you make decisions. You evaluate, you choose. Mostly, if not universally, you make your plans and base your judgments on what will benefit you. It is normal and for the most part completely natural. It is not as if what matters to God holds no importance to you. Would you be reading this if God didn’t matter to you? Surely not. And certainly you give to God something of yourself and some of your possessions. And God can’t expect it all, how would you live? And so the natural, albeit unspoken, conclusion which is the basis of all of those daily decisions is; “Me and mine first” [minus perhaps a tithe] and then a portion to God out of your discretionary balance. After all, isn’t it God’s job to bless you? If He really wanted more from you He should have given you more, so that you would have had more left over for charitable pursuits.  So you give God something– because you would feel guilty if you gave Him nothing,– and secretly you blame Him–He could have provided you with more to give. “All He has to do is make those loto numbers come through for me and then…”

But what if you have been wrong? What if giving God your “leftovers” is not what He demands of you. And yes I said “demands” What if He wants it all? What if  He wants to be, not just a consideration in your decisions? What if He wants instead to be the central focus of all that you do, all that you have, and all that you are? What if He wants you to see your life not as yours to live at all, but rather for you to see your life as an extension of His life?  [Question; How did Jesus live the life the Father gave him?]

Do you daily make the bet that what you have done thus far with the new life that you have been given through Christ, is enough to please God? Remember that you what want to hear is, “Welcome good and faithful servant” not “Welcome lukewarm believer” [Question; Is such a “welcome” even possible?]

What is your bet? Do you really believe that a holy God will be interested in the lukewarm leftovers of your busy self centered life? Just think, if you were God, the creator of the universe, if you were the father that had crucified His own son for the sins of men, would you be satisfied with a lack luster devotion from those that had been redeemed by your son’s blood? Do you really think He will say, “Well at least they gave me something of themselves.

“I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish that you were either one or the other! So because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out my mouth.”          Rev. 3:15,16

My friend, seek only the narrow road carrying the cross that God has individually prepared in advance, just for you. And remember that the righteous ones, the authentic children of Father God, do not carry a cross for themselves they, like Jesus, carry it for others.  In short, God doesn’t ask for a large part of your life, He demands it all!

All is what He gave to you. Are you betting you can talk Him out of His expectation of receiving all of your life in return? I wouldn’t bet my [eternal] life on it.

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