What is your “sacred cow” worth?

Bishop Samuel Mkisi from Malawi is currently in America visiting with Dianna and I. At some point we were talking about agriculture in Malawi when Samuel revealed that he used to have eight dairy cows, but now he has three. It turns out that in order for him to get to America he had to sell five of his cows for the plane fare.

The revelation that this humble man of God would part with a large portion of his wealth just to be here at my house stunned and humbled me. I couldn’t help but wonder; how many of us would have sold the majority of our accumulated wealth to go on a mission trip? Before you answer know that Samuel and I had never met, there had been no offers of financial help nor were they even hinted at. Know also that days before Samuel got on the first of many planes that would bring him to me, Samuel’s children were sent home from school because their fees were not paid. Samuel’s church we learned, is made from tree bark and the roof leaks. The new church they are trying to build is only up to the windows, where it has been for years, as they are out of money. But somehow there was room in his one suitcase for large presents for Dianna and me. 

Samuel only knew that the Holy Spirit had told him to go to America to see Steve. And so, in faith and whatever the cost was to himself, his large family, or his church, Samuel followed his personal “Great Commission” to go out into the world, to a place where the Lord led him. Led him to me, and by extension to my family and to my friends. Overwhelmed, and sure that I don’t deserve such consideration, it brings tears to my eyes as I write this to you. 

We have all been humbled to meet Samuel. It makes me examine, what are my “sacred cows” what is so valuable to me, that I would hesitate to “Go”? Would I be as willing, to do as much, give as much, and risk as much, as my new friend Samuel, to follow my old friend, Jesus. Could I be, as Samuel undoubtedly is, as Abraham was, trusted by our Lord, to go to a land that He would show me.

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