Africa is on the phone!

Many of you know that this past summer I came to the revelation that while it is true that I, like you, have Jesus alive in me. I was not taking seriously the responsibility of carrying the Son of God around with me. I started to think about where would Jesus choose to walk on this planet if he were occupying an earthly body as he did some 2,000 years ago. I was filled with regret and repentance for not always taking it seriously that I was dragging him along through whatever and wherever, without asking him. And so, in tears, I said, “I am so sorry, what would you have me do?” All I heard was, “GO TO AFRICA.”

Monday one of my staff came into my office and said, “Steve a bishop from Africa is on the phone.” Apparently Bishop Mkisi from Malawi had been told by the Holy Spirit to look toward the Amazon, of all places for an African Bishop to look. When he did, he found A.R.C. and me. Bishop Mkisi assures me that we are ordained by God to work together building churches in Africa. Plans are that we are to meet up in Uganda in February 2011 where Dianna and I were already planning to be. –Stay tuned…

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