The Widow Eliana

When we went to Brazil in October 2007 to build our first building we visited the home of Eliana. Eliana and her husband had promised to donate our first Moju River church site.  Even though her husband had just been murdered she refused to take back the promised land. She has been “our” widow ever since. $2,000 has been donated by previous ARC team members for the support of Eliana and her three kids.  I will bring it to her on 10/31/10. I am so proud of the ARC teams and their continued generosity.

One thought on “The Widow Eliana

  1. The widow Elianna and her three children were richly blessed on this November 2010 trip, both from very generous past members, as well as the new Greece Assembly team that has just returned. It was great to see all of her three children involved in a music and drama skit at the Sunday service. So to all that contributed, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! To those who couldn’t this time, no worries, there is always next time.

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